Analyst Unveils 7 Crypto Assets That Could Outperform Bitcoin Heading Into 2020

02 December 2019, Monday, 13:10 -
Analyst Unveils 7 Crypto Assets That Could Outperform Bitcoin Heading Into 2020

Craig Cobb, analyst and host of the Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast, is sharing a list of his top digital currencies going into the new year.

Cobb tells the crypto outlet Micky he’s looking for BTC to trade sideways and give altcoins enough breathing room to rise.

Cobb says he’s tracking Matic, which is up more than 300% this year. Matic is the native cryptocurrency of a blockchain scalability platform that aims to help developers deploy and run fast decentralized applications.

He’s also watching the native token of, an artificial intelligence-enhanced blockchain designed to help solve complex computations.

Cobb is looking for Digitex Futures, Enigma and the Ripio Credit Network prices to fall back into the 10- and 20-day moving average and enter a buy zone, which he refers to as “the cradle zone.”

He’s also bullish on TNT, the native cryptocurrency of Tierion, a blockchain for verifying any data, file, or business process. In addition, Cobb says he’s anticipating a breakout with Raven Coin, a blockchain for facilitating the “efficient creation and transfer of assets from one party to another.”

Despite many traders recommending altcoins, most of these cryptocurrencies are highly speculative and extremely risky assets. The majority of altcoins have lost around 90% or more of their value from their all-time highs in late 2017, resulting in large financial losses.

Nearly 80% of all altcoins are expected to remain well below their all-time highs during the next crypto market bull run, according to data from the crypto research firm Messari.

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