Crypto Updates: Bakkt Bitcoin Futures, XRP Ledger Validator, Cardano Invoicing System

03 December 2019, Tuesday, 13:40 -
Crypto Updates: Bakkt Bitcoin Futures, XRP Ledger Validator, Cardano Invoicing System


Despite daily volume on Bitcoin futures trading platform Bakkt slipping 47% from its record high of $42.5 million (4,443 BTC) set on November 27, the exchange set a new record on Monday with open interest hitting a new all-time high of $6.5 million.

According to independent data tracker Bakkt Volume Bot, open interest has posted a strong gain, up 42% from the previous day. Representing the total number of outstanding contracts, the rise and fall of open interest signals an increase or decrease in money flowing into Bakkt’s Bitcoin futures. The recent gain indicates additional or new money coming into the market.


Emi Yoshikawa, head of global operations and partnerships at Ripple, reveals via Twitter that the University of Tokyo is now operating a validator node for the Ripple-associated XRP cryptocurrency.

京都大学に引き続き、東京大学でもXRP Ledgerのバリデータの運用が開始されました!


— Emi Yoshikawa ???? (@emy_wng) December 2, 2019

The university is among several companies that serve as validators verifying XRP transactions. Japan’s Kyoto University booted up a validator node for the XRP Ledger last month.

Earlier this year, Ripple expanded academic research in Japan through its University Blockchain Research Initiative, facilitating developments in blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital payments. It joins a global push among leading blockchain companies to reach and train undergraduate and graduate students through workshops and by funding research projects.


A new invoicing system from Quanterall has launched on Cardano, a leading platform for developing decentralized applications. The platform processes invoices as payments are settled. The new solution features an interface where accountants can list, verify and export all company invoices.

The blockchain research and development company Quanterall recently unveiled a prototype of a self-checkout system built on Cardano that allows users to send, receive and spend the platform’s native cryptocurrency Ada to buy everyday grocery items.

As the cryptosphere grows, developers around the world are being incentivized to initiate, create and deliver revolutionary concepts that form the backbone of a new open global financial system.

RSK, a smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin Network. just launched a developer grants program, offering $200,000 in funding for developers to build on Bitcoin.

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