Men Overwhelmingly Dominate As Crypto Leaders: Report

26 December 2019, Thursday, 10:30 -
Men Overwhelmingly Dominate As Crypto Leaders: Report

A new report takes a look at the people who are powering the industry and building blockchain and crypto-related companies.

Researchers at enterprise blockchain infrastructure firm Ternio analyzed 5,331 businesses from publicly available data. They found that the crypto founders who launched startups over the past five years are predominantly white men.

Key highlights from the State of Crypto: Entrepreneurship Report 2019

94.3% of organizations are led by men while 5.7% are led by women 63% of crypto CEOs are white while 17% are Asian, 7.5% are Middle Eastern, 4.4% are Latino, 4.5% are Indian and 2% are black Crypto and blockchain-focused companies currently employ an estimated 86,443 people across the world 38% of crypto startups were founded by first-time founders New York is the most popular city for crypto startups The US is the leading country, followed by the UK

According to the report, at least 2,582 startups received some form of funding: venture capital, angel, or via an initial coin offering (ICO).

Geographically, crypto leaders represent a new breed of professional. They are largely location-independent and employ teams of remote workers around the world.

Crypto exchange and blockchain ecosystem Binance is identified as the industry’s top employer in terms of job growth, with over 1,808 jobs globally.

You can check out the full report here.

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