A stable coin in the crypto world which can be earned free

31 August 2019, Saturday, 13:11- Edward Xilay
A stable coin in the crypto world which can be earned free

What is DAI altcoin, who are its developers, and what is its history? How can you get this cryptocurrency for free?

The history and development of Dai cryptocurrency

The Dai token is an initial project product created for a transparent and decentralized crypto-economy. The Dai token is the brainchild of the DAO Maker crypto project. A team of several developers created the token 3 years ago. The team consists of 33 specialists. DAI has a stable value, it is tied to the dollar, 1 Dai coin is equal to the price of one us dollar.

As for the advantages and disadvantages:

  • price stability enables easy usage, and it carries risks when compared with traditional currencies.
  • DAI is based on the crypto platform Ethereum (ETH), which allows absolutely anyone to access all records related to THE Dai platform.
  • Flexible emission is used here, the formation and destruction of blocks correspond to supply and demand.

DAI tokens cannot be mined by token extraction, so the number of coins is regulated by the creators of the token. To date, the number of coins issued is more than 42 million, respectively, since it is a stable currency, the capitalization is approximately at the same level.

Technical features of Dai and how it works

DAI coins are available for creation and redemption directly by platform users. To create a DAI, you must have a collateral position on the special address of the smart contract. Thus, the user creates a coin. In order to pay off the debt and return the Deposit, the user will simply have to return back DAI and pay a Commission in MKR, which is 0.5% per annum.

Why would someone create his own DAI? The answer is simple — you take a marginal position on Ethereum and if its rate rises, then you will have the opportunity to make a profit. In addition, DAI altcoins can be used for other purposes.

As for the stability of THE Dai price, stabilization mechanisms are used. If the price of the coin falls below $1, then there is a demand for a bailout, since this way they will be able to redeem their collateral a little cheaper, which will naturally cause the price index to rise. When the price rises above $1, the demand for collateral for resale will increase as soon as the price falls again.

Is it possible to get DAI for free?

Yes, it is. Airdrops provide an effective distribution mechanism. To get Daicoin, you need to perform a few easy tasks in social networks Antshres and BItmex. For instance, Dai joined the Coinbase Earn. That allows the user to check out the information at Coinbase and he will be rewarded for it.

Coinbase exchange has introduced a system of incentives for users who are interested in various cryptocurrencies including DAI. For an hour of work, Coinbase pays you $ 10 in cryptocurrency (and sometimes $ 40 in the presence of referrals). This is more than the faucet pays, but there is a limitation: you can only complete each task once.


The team did a huge amount of work to create the DAI project. In fact, it is the only real alternative to coins with a stable value.

DAI coins are traded on Yobit, OasisDEX, DDEX, Bibox exchanges. Due to the relative success of the digital currency, the team plans to create new stable coins in the near future, which will be linked to other traditional currencies such as the Euro, Yen, etc.

Financial analysts believe that this trend will have a positive impact on the global economy and will give greater freedom to users of the platform to trade. As for the prospects of this coin, as its price is stable, it makes no sense to keep DAI coins in the hope of a sharp increase in the price of the asset.

The ecosystem makes it possible to profit from the deviations of DAI and Ethereum, thus, this platform is of interest to users, and the future expansion of the list of cryptocurrencies available for the creation of collateral can attract an even more extensive client base.

The cryptocurrency has a number of features, such as complete independence in trading, as well as anonymity of transactions and protection of system users from third-party interference.

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