How to get Nano token for free?

31 August 2019, Saturday, 13:11- Edward Xilay
How to get Nano token for free?

The history, the developers, and the technical features of the coin are mentioned in the article. Moreover, it provides information on how to get this coin free with the help of airdrops and hard fork.

History and appearance of Nano

Nano token focuses on widespread use as a means of payment. Like Bitcoin, this token aims to become convenient for decentralized transactions. Priority is given to scaling and network capacity.

The project on digital money data was developed in 2014 and originally bore the name of RaiBlocks. On January 31, 2018, because of the rebranding, the altcoin changed its name and began trading as Nano.

Developers and technical features of Nano token

Development of Nano is concentrated on the creation of virtual money, not burdened with smart contracts, applications or other technologies. To do this, the primary task is to increase the network capacity and bring the speed of transaction processing to the centralized payment systems.

To solve this issue, Nano forms unique blockchain architecture. It is based on a block-lattice system, in which each user receives its own chain, and transactions between network members form cross-links. The advantage of the system is a distributed load system. The Nano user maintains only his account and related transactions. In this case, the transfer is displayed on the chains of the recipient and the sender by forming two separate blocks.

Owing to this system Nano offers users the following advantages:

  • high speed of transactions – all transfers are processed only by their participants;
  • the dispersion of the network allows you to scale the load, making it adaptable to the ubiquitous use of digital money;
  • in the absence of miners, the Commission is reduced, which creates conditions for micropayments;
  • users do not need to download and maintain heavy storage with a full blockchain network.

Taking into account these factors, Nano developers plan to make their coin as convenient as possible to use around the world. The goal is quite ambitious, but the potential of the project looks promising.

Prospect of development

Analysts speak positively about the visions for the development of Nano. The project solves a big problem of coins – the speed of transactions at high loads, which makes this digital money popular. In addition, the threat of concentration of capital in the hands of several major players with additional tools to influence the development of the project is also highlighted.

All Nano altcoins were distributed to users with a tap-cryptocurrency was charged for entering the captcha. Additional emission is not provided – this factor eliminates inflation risks, but raises the question of support for the network.

According to the developers, the functionality of the Nano system is supported by their own work, exchanges and some commercial companies. This distribution creates several hundred nodes, which provide the functionality of digital money. Thus, it removes the need for users to maintain the network and provides high-speed data processing.

How to earn Nano for free?

Airdrops are free giveaways of coins. During such actions, the blockchain project gives tokens to users. In most cases, to get a Nano coin, you need to carry out a few easy tasks in social networks. For instance, visit the Magnum Wallet Airdrop page and follow the instructions. Why the ICO hands out free tokens? The goal of the ICO organizers is to develop their own resources in social platforms: the project forms its community and advertises its own brand.

Do not assume that it is not possible to earn good money on faucets will not work. Cryptocurrency Nano was completely distributed on the screen between users who after the rise in price of the crypt several times became the owners of several tens of thousands of dollars.

Development Potential

In view of the development vectors of Nano, focused on the creation of simple digital money, the presence of competition is emphasized. This altcoin stands out due to its scalability. This makes it more promising as it is popularized.

The recent rebranding allows us to hope for a new stage in the development of the coin. The altcoin is positively evaluated for short-term deposits. News events, new technologies, promotion, and expansion of partnerships will provide significant support to the growth of the Nano stock exchange, which makes short-term investments and trading quite promising for earnings.

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