NEM token and possibilities to earn it for free

31 August 2019, Saturday, 13:11- Edward Xilay
NEM token and possibilities to earn it for free

NEM is a Japanese cryptocurrency focused on fair coin distribution and harvesting.

History and Development

Japanese cryptocurrency NEM (New Economy Movement) has an original approach to the support of the network and the distribution of commissions. The main goal of the developers is to create a decentralized token with equal conditions for all users. At the same time, the algorithm itself focuses on the quality of the nodes.

NEM token was developed in 2016. Its characteristic features are the following:

  • internationality - this token has established reputation and distribution in Japan, yet the creators intend to gain access to world markets;
  • users’ anonymity and decentralization are actively supported by the token’s functionality;
  • fair distribution of extracted tokens and users’ financial freedom.

The algorithm is generated from scratch and is established on open source. Virtual currency is the second generation of virtual money and it uses Javascript. The algorithm applies the original Protocol, which guarantees fairness in the Commission tokens distribution.

Technology and Mining NEM

The maximum number of Nem altcoins – 9 billion-was issued in a one-time issue. Mining does not generate new coins; supporting nodes will be charged a fee for processing each transaction. The process is called harvesting and is divided into two areas:

  1. local-the user's client and wallet are connected to the system directly;
  2. delegated-creates a buffer account with an intermediary function and a zero balance, it is fixed in the system, but all deductions are transferred to the main wallet.

The second method is the most common because it provides an additional level of user security. Each node participating in the data processing.

Distinctive features

The novelty of NEM is considered to be two technologies:

  • Eigentrust ensures the status and significance of the nod;
  • Proof of Importance (PoI) - proof of node importance.

The technologies work in close correlation. Eigentrust builds a reputation system that detects the most trusted and valuable nodes and filters out questionable and malicious ones. The technology supports NEM blockchain’s stability and security.

How to get NEM altcoin for free?

It is possible to get NEM coin. Airdrops provide an efficient distribution mechanism. You earn by learning about the token. By analogy with the Proof of Stake Protocol, the accrued money has a maturation period:

  • replenishing the wallet, the user creates a passive balance;
  • during the day, he receives no more than 10% of the deposited amount;
  • then every day he gets another 10% of the remaining amount.

IT (XEM) pays out between$ 0.0003 and$ 300 in XEM tokens every hour. Withdrawals are made instantly to any NEM address; the minimum amount is 1 XEM.

Prospects of development of NEM

Since its appearance on the stock exchange, the token has shown good results. There is an upward trend and the question of the development potential and investment prospects becomes urgent. Specialists predict a substantial increase in value among participants in the Asian region. Further promotion of the Coin will be marked by a trend towards price growth.

This factor also regulates the interest in investing in NEM coin. The reputation system of network reliability formation, the original approach to distribution, and free access – provide the potential for upcoming growth.

Creators do not encourage the system of savings – the focus is made on the fact that the token is actively used in the sphere of purchase and sale of goods and services. Yet, this does not prevent major investors from purchasing tokens for the long term and closely monitoring the NEM project news.

How to get FREE NEM on this SITE?

Follow this URL and register on
Transfer a coin to your wallet address as soon as you reach the threshold for withdrawal.

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