How to get Neo altcoin for free

31 August 2019, Saturday, 13:11- Edward Xilay
How to get Neo altcoin for free

The history, technical features, development, and future prospects of the currency are mentioned. It is possible to get this coin free.

History and development of Neo token

Neo is a Chinese equivalent of Ether that allows companies to transfer software to blockchain and digital technologies.

Platform NEO and the eponymous cryptocurrency appeared in the result of rebranding Antshares. First, Platform Antshares from Chinese developers showed poor performance and detected bugs in the source code. The company conducted a qualitative rebranding, which resulted in the appearance of the Neo cryptocurrency.

Technical features:

The main goal of the company is to program assets and develop appropriate functionality based on smart contracts. Because of the rebranding, the NEO cryptocurrency received the following distinctive features:

  • the base issued 50 million coins, their number increases annually by 15 million;
  • the Proof of Stake Protocol is used-the proof of the share in the calculation of commissions, the more coins on the account – the greater the probability of their addition;
  • scaling can handle up to several thousand transactions per second;
  • virtualization of failures, which eliminates the bifurcation of the block, the return or cancellation of the transfer;
  • implementation of parallel calculation in user transactions.

Thanks to new technologies, NEO platform offers the following features:

  • creation of digital documentation-acts, certificates, certificates;
  • transfer of assets of organizations into digital equivalent, creation of own tokens based on NEO blockchain;
  • development and use of smart contracts.

Such technologies will be in demand in the future for companies of any size, as they open up prospects for the full development in any direction. These factors cause a certain interest on the part of profit-oriented investors.

How to get this coin free of charge

You can get this token for free. To get Neo altcoin, you need to complete easy tasks in social networks Antshres and BItmex. Such airdrops offer a well-organized distribution mechanism. Another trendy model is a hard fork. ICO also hands out free tokens to develop their own resources in social platforms: this is how it advertises its own brand.

In addition, NEO faucets can be used. Faucets are resources where the user receives a cryptocurrency reward for performing certain tasks or participating in lotteries. When using the NEO tap, the user needs to enter their token address, solve the captcha and receive rewards directly in the wallet. At the moment, NEO faucets are quite small. But still, there is, for example, Qoinpro. There is a high probability that with success in legalization negotiations, One Chain will provide additional ways to get its tokens.

Development prospects and investment

Neo altcoin does not yet offer a full opportunity to use it as a means of payment for everyday goods and services. Its main purpose is internal calculations and platform support. Many consider this digital money as shares of the company; therefore, for investment, the main attention is paid to the development and potential of the platform as a whole.

NEO actively cooperates with international companies Microsoft and Alibaba. In addition, there are cooperation agreements with many Chinese, Japanese and Korean companies that actively support this development. With a trained and competent team of specialists, the NEO platform becomes a promising project.

The NEO token shows a stable position in stock trading, and since the rebranding, its value, taking into account adjustments, has only grown. The Chinese Government's ban on digital money turnover in the country has affected the digital money market in General and NEO in particular, dropping its cost by an order of magnitude. However, the platform continues to evolve and retains the potential for successful investment in the long term.

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